Posted on November 24, 2008 at 5:33am EST. More.

This is mostly about resolutions

I should be sleeping.  I’m not sleeping because I should be packing.  I don’t know why I’m not packing.  In a few hours I’m boarding a train to Pittsburgh to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

I’m very unhappy with my weight.  Tracking my weight daily for over two years means I am aware that I am slowly getting fatter, even when it is otherwise imperceptible.  I started at 211 in the winter of 2006 and by the summer of 2007 I reached a low point of 174.  Now I am at 190, closer to my high point than my low.

I’ve been trying to find convenient ways to exercise, but today I’ve more or less decided that I need to start running again.  I need to buy some clothes that are good for running in cold weather.  I need to set out those clothes before I go to bed.  I need to go running as soon as I wake up in the morning.  I need to stop making quiet resolutions and boldly attack the problem.


Kevin wasn’t available to coach Fat Penguin this week, so we hired Ben Whitehouse and Frank Spitznagel to run a musical improv workshop instead.  When I saw my first musical improv class show, my initial thought was “that’s not for me”, but the workshop was so much fun that I am more or less ready to sign up for a class now.  You win, Alan.


I feel like I have been whiny and/or self-pitying in a lot of conversations lately.  Enough that even I’m tired of listening to myself.  Also, sometimes I’ve been unintentionally derailing conversations because, for the sake of participating, I will tell a loosely related story about myself that doesn’t really lead back to the original conversation topic.  If you’ve noticed any of this, please accept my apologies.


I spent about a half hour composing this post.