Posted on June 17, 2009 at 10:40am EDT. More.

FatWatch and iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0 update is supposed to be available via iTunes any minute now, which means this post is long overdue.

If you are using FatWatch 1.4 (the latest version at the time of this writing) then you can safely upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 if you are willing to suffer a cosmetic issue. Specifically, if you have BMI Monitoring enabled and use the control on the top of the Log view to switch between BMI and Variance, the values will not update unless you force them to by either scrolling the table or switching to and back from another view. It’s annoying, but not fatal.

I submitted an update to Apple that fixes this issue (and a few others), hoping it would be available on iTunes before the 3.0 update was released. Unfortunately, Apple rejected the update for a human interface issue concerning a feature that I hadn’t changed. It feels a little unfair to be rejected for something that was previously approved, but “I got away with it before” is not really a defense. They are right, it is something I should fix, it’s just that the timing is obviously less than ideal.

I intend to fix this issue and resubmit today or tomorrow, which means that FatWatch 1.4.1 should hopefully be available sometime next week. Or maybe not. I wish I could say. In the meantime, should you want to install the iPhone OS 3.0 update you can continue to use FatWatch 1.4 and be mildly annoyed at the display issue.