Posted on February 17, 2009 at 7:14pm EST. More.

Struck by Lightning

I am totally hooked on the nonexistent ‘80s glam rock band, Property of the Queen.

Hulu was nice enough to let me embed the video for “Struck by Lightning”, one of the songs on their fictitious Greatest Hits album from 1983. It really holds up.

Here are the lyrics, in case you can’t see it:

I got struck (ROCK) by lightning

and it really hurt.

I got struck (ROCK ROCK!) by lightning

and it really burned.

If you wanna know what happened to me

I’ll explain it all in depth:

I got struck (ROCK ROCK!) by lightning

but I’m not dead!

I’m hoping they break the fourth wall, like Spinal Tap before them, and release a real album. Until then, can you recommend any similar real bands to tide me over?