From Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Technician 1
Okay, wait -- what if one of them eats something at eleven o'clock, but he gets something stuck in his teeth --
Technician 2
A caraway seed.
Technician 1
Whatever, right, and then after twelve o'clock, it comes out -- now, he didn't eat that after midnight --
Look, I didn't make the rules. There are --
"The rules." I can't believe this.
Technician 2
Or what about if he's eating in an airplane, and they cross the time zone --
But the technician's theory is cut short, as --
-- TWO GREEN ARMS BURST OUT OF HIS CONSOLE, ripping aside control buttons and speaker grilles in a burst of SPARKS AND SMOKE.
Before the technician can move, the arms are going for his throat -- and MOHAWK, now a bloodthirsty Gremlin, emerges from the wreckage of the console, still CHOKING the technician.
Technician 2 (CONT'D)
Help -- me --
At the sight of Mohawk, Forster jumps back. Technician 1 tries to move on the Gremlin. Mohawk takes a claw from his victim's neck and SLASHES Technician 1's arm, driving him back. Billy pulls out his building-shag plight and SHINES it at the Gremlin. Recoiling, the Gremlin lets go of the technician, who falls to the floor -- dead.